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Understand the official rules

Make sure you read through and start to understand the official rules of Disc Golf. This is important for competition play – but don’t stress if you don’t know all the finer details yet!

Casual Players

With so many courses available in the area, you will find that Tulsa has a huge disc golf community!

 Facebook Groups:



TDSA hosts weekly minis 4 days a week where you can compete in a single-round non-sanctioned event. You choose your division based on your skill level and compete against equally skilled players. Professional divisions receive cash payout and amateur divisions receive TDSA merchandise (discs, apparel, and disc golf accessories).



We suggest you register and become a member of Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)

You will receive a player number to start tracking your player rating when you compete in a sanctioned PDGA events.  Non PDGA members must pay an additional $10 fee when registering for an event.  

Disc Golf divisions are setup to accommodate your skill level. 



Disc Golf can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. One could enjoy a round with only using one disc. However, as your skill level progresses and your desire to throw further and shape your shots grows, you'll learn that you need more choices. Most players carry a few varieties of each type of disc (Distance Driver, Fairway Driver, Midrange Driver, Approach Disc and Putter).

Other equipment to be considered include a bag to carry your equipment, a hand chalk bag for controlling your grip, a couple towels for drying yourself and your discs, a disc retriever for when your disc goes swimming, a stool for resting between holes, a water bottle for hydration, and snacks for fuel.  Here are a few places you can find your Disc Golf equipment locally:

Beginners Guide to Disc Golf

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